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Liz Broomfield booksWhen I was first considering becoming self-employed and easing out of the day job, I looked around for books to guide and support me. Everything I found seemed to either be geared towards the risk-taker who wanted to throw it all up in the air, or to expect me to sign up for extra (expensive) courses and downloads. This didn’t seem right to me. So I recorded my own experiences then turned them into how-to guides that aim to be no-nonsense, approachable, friendly and supportive. You won’t have to buy anything else to get value from my books – in fact, many of them link to free additional resources on my websites!

I write books that help self-employed people and people setting up and running small businesses to work out what to do first and what to do next. I write from my own experiences, using lots of examples from my own successful business life, and my books are all jargon-free, approachable and friendly. Most importantly, if you buy the book, you get the information that’s promised. There’s no requirement to buy a course or pay for additional materials. In fact, links and footnotes will take you to more FREE resources on my websites with screen shots and the latest updates. I’ve even created an ebook omnibus of my two main business books to give you the best value possible.

Use the drop-down at the top of the screen or click on the links below to navigate to the book that interests you. There you can find more information about the book, including links for buying it in ebook and print (where available). Happy reading!

How I survived my first year of full-time self-employmentHow I Survived my First Year of Full-Time Self-Employment: Going it Alone at 40” – all you need to know about setting up your new business and taking the plunge without too much risk or anxiety. Lots of personal stories and I share exactly how I did it – you don’t need to buy any courses or additional resources to get the full value out of this book. Click on the book cover image to find out more, including where you can buy print and e-book editions of this book.

running a successful business after the start-up phaseRunning a Successful Business after the Start-up Phase or, Who are you Calling Mature?” – you’ve set up the business, you’ve been running for a couple of years: now it’s time to refine your customer base, redress your work-life balance and think about add-ons like social media networking and blogging. This book tells you how, like its predecessor sharing real-life examples from exactly how I’ve built a happy self-employed life for myself. Click on the book cover image to find out more, including where you can buy print and e-book editions of this book.

your_guideThe business OMNIBUS  “Your Guide to Starting and Building your Business” – why not save money on buying the above two books separately with this e-only guide to setting up and maintaining a successful and balanced business, which includes the text of both books in full, put together in a special omnibus edition. I do like to provide value to my readers, and this has everything from both of the two books. It’s downloadable in all of the different e-book formats or as a pdf to read on your computer or tablet. Click on the book cover image to find out more, including where you can buy the e-book.

Quick guide to networking, social media and social capitalThe new book in my Quick Guide series,”Quick Guide to Networking, Social Media and Social Capital” is a no-frills, no-jargon, to-the-point guide to using social media and physical networks to your best advantage, laying down social capital and then using it to benefit yourself and others. Short chapters on the basics of business networking and using Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn etc. are connected with real-world uses and examples, so you can see the point of these activities, optimise your presence on the various physical and electronic networks without wasting time, and see what they can do for you, and you can do for them.

transcriptionQuick Guide to your Career in Transcription” – this career option is the one most searched for by people finding my website, so I decided to put together a quick guide to deciding whether this is an option for you, choosing your software and hardware, and maintaining good posture to protect yourself from RSI. Includes hints for interviewers on recording and sending files. Click on the cover image to find out more, including where you can buy the e-book.

cholesterol cover

How I Conquered High Cholesterol Through Diet and Exercise” – my first e-book and still one of the most popular, this takes you through what high cholesterol means, which foods make it worse and which might improve it, and places you might like to try eating, including restaurant tips for the UK and US. Built from my own experience, this offers an option for reducing cholesterol without drugs. Click on the cover image to find out more, including where you can buy the e-book.

A note: reading Kindle books without a Kindle

All of my books are available in Kindle and print versions on Amazon, and also in all e-book formats on Smashwords. All of them are also available in pdf format on Selz, too.

But if you want to read a book that’s only published in e-book form for Kindle, you don’t actually need to own a physical Kindle to read it. You can download a free Kindle app that allows you to read Kindle books on other machines such as Smartphones, tablets and computers.

Where to find Kindle apps

Amazon offer free downloadable software so that you can read Kindle e-books without a Kindle – on a PC, Mac or various types of phone and tablet.

If you do have a Kindle, your phone, tablet or computer version of the software will automatically sync with it to record where you’ve got up to in a book. Magic!

They have a page about it here, where you can download the software.

15 thoughts on “About my books

  1. Hi Liz,

    Just wanted to say your book on Going it Alone at 40 was so helpful to me. It was like a having a really good friend talk me through the process and break down all the little things that confused or worried me about going freelance. It made me feel very hopeful about my own ideas and aspirations. I’m looking forward to reading your book on networking too.

    Best wishes,



    • Thank you for your lovely comment, Devorah – that’s exactly what I aim to do with my books and I’m glad it’s worked for you. You might want to take a look at my other longer book, “Running A Successful Business After the Start-up Phase”, as that has most of the info in the networking book plus sections on growing your business, etc. If the place where you purchased the book allows reviews, it would be wonderful if you could put a review there (Amazon, etc.) as that helps me to help other people – but I really, really appreciate you commenting here – it’s made my morning! Best of wishes with your own plans and aspirations – Liz


  2. i would love a paper page book please..in ‘How i conquered high cholesterol through diet and exercise’ are they available in this format. Thank you.


    • Hello Dorothy and thanks for your message. I am in the process of creating a paper book for the Cholesterol book and it should be available on Amazon by next weekend. If you sign up to my newsletter or sign up to updates on this blog (see the top right hand corner of the page for a link), then you will get the news when they come out.


  3. Congrats, Liz, on your books and your blog. I have visited your site for the second time, and must say that I like the tone of it. Clear, accessible and unpretentious. I’m guessing your books have a similar tone.


  4. Hi and thank you for the information you have provided so far.. Question – I want to start as a transcriber … however, i don’t know that i would want my “own business” ever again… that being said, the book you wrote about starting over at 40, alone, is the situation for me at this point… What would you suggest? Am I being close-minded about becoming a freelancer? thank you.., Helena


    • Well, you can work for just a few big agencies doing freelancing, although the pay rate isn’t as good – that would remove a lot of the having to search for work side of things once you got in with them. If you’ve run a maker or shop business before, it’s a lot simpler being a transcriber or editor, fewer outgoings, no premises or materials to consider, if that helps?


  5. Hi Liz – is it fortuitous (for me) that I came upon this part of your blog tonite. As a person who is in-process of making a career change (for a simpler lifestyle), these books sound like promising guides for me. I am excited to have them to help with the questions and uncertainties~ Stacia


  6. Hi, Liz.
    I was just wondering if you could recommend any books on how one sets out a transcription?
    How one punctuates everything and what to write when there is crossover speaking etc.


    • Thank you for your question, Adam. I’m not sure there is a book about it, as different clients tend to prefer different things. In a normal academic interview or ghostwriter/journalist transcription, I just type it out as normal, when there’s crossover speaking I mark if I can’t hear it, or I just interleave it as I hear it. Some clients require special punctuation, symbols and layout, but there doesn’t seem to be a standard that I have ever found, and they tend to give you instructions and a template. Even the paragraphs can vary – I like to break up long utterances into paragraphs but a sociology client needs me to label each paragraph with the speaker’s name even if it’s just one speaker continuing, as that works best with their content analysis software. I hope that helps a bit, even if it doesn’t give you a definitive answer!


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