How I Conquered High Cholesterol

How I conquered high cholesterol

Welcome to news and information about my e-book on reducing cholesterol and accompanying bits and bobs, recommendations and more.

I was diagnosed with high cholesterol in 2010. As a reasonably fit, healthy person, I found it hard to find information on lowering your cholesterol without drugs, as most leaflets and websites seemed to assume you were starting from a position of inactivity and a bad diet. So I made up my own diet, and when it worked for me and some friends, wrote and published this e-book about it. Click on the picture and you’ll be taken through to the UK Amazon site where you can buy it – on other Amazon sites, just type Liz Broomfield in the search box and it’ll come up or follow the links listed below. If you don’t have a Kindle, you can download software for free that allows you to read Kindle books on your PC or phone – all available here on Amazon.

In the book, I recommend various restaurants and hotels that cater for a low saturated fat diet. I do update the book from time to time, most recently to cater for the American measurements, but in the meantime, this page is a place to provide information about new places I find that cater for our special diet. I’ll also write the odd blog post about it all – you will be able to find these under the High Cholesterol category in the cloud to the right.

From HEART UK’s dietician, Linda Main: “Liz provides some practical common-sense ideas and advice which she has tried and tested to lower and maintain healthy cholesterol levels.  Her results demonstrate how a healthy balanced diet, low in saturated fat and high in wholegrain, fruits and vegetables and containing some cholesterol busting foods such as oats and nuts can be a central part of achieving this.”

Please note: there are many different opinions on what dietary efforts can lower cholesterol. The reason why I wrote this book was that the regime I followed worked for me, in bringing my cholesterol levels down in 2010 and maintaining them at that level from then until now (currently five years). This won’t suit everyone, and medical advice does change – this outlines just one option, I recommend here and in the book that you seek medical advice, and I appreciate that this is not the only option presented in the media and in medical advice. This is simply what worked for me.

If you come across a restaurant or hotel that caters well for low-fat diets, and is understanding about our requirements, please post as much information as you can in the comments here – and I hope I can put that in the next edition of the book! I also have a section on my personal blog where I share good food manufacturers, retailers and restaurants, so do pop across to have a look!

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It’s also available on the Apple iBooks store on your phone or tablet

A quick note about Amazon: I know a lot of people aren’t big fans of Amazon, especially because of their tax position. It’s difficult for indie authors, as it is the main marketplace at the moment. When I sell through Amazon, I pay extra tax on my profits in the US. I choose not to claim this money back, thereby offsetting the tax that Amazon isn’t paying themselves on those books. And of course, I pay my own tax in the UK on all of my Libro profits, fair and square. If you really don’t want to buy from the corporates, see the link below to buy a PDF version from Selz.

Buy a PDF of this book on Selz

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