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What are people saying about my books? I’m always thrilled to receive reviews of my books, and some kind people have even sent me photographs of themselves with my books! I’ve collected my favourite photos and reviews of my books here for you to enjoy.


Linda Bates has sent in a photograph of “Quick Guide to Networking, Social Media and Social Capital” on her Kindle – I was so pleased to see how well the cover comes out in black and white!

Networking , social Media and social capital on kindle

Here’s my book “How I Survived my First Year of Full-Time Self-Employment” on Sarah Goode of Pookledo‘s craft fair stall – a  bit of reading for quiet moments!

How I survived Pookledo

Here’s Paul Rushton with the old cover  version of this book (for why I changed titles, read this post)

How I survived with Paul Rushton

And here’s Laura Ripper, editor and Plain English writer, posing the old cover version of “Running a Successful Business after the Start-up Phase” among her editing and proofreading resources:

Running a successful busiiness Laura RipperNote: If you would like to get your business’s link on this page, just send me a photo of you and the book, or the book with something associated with your business, and I’ll add it to the gallery!


Here’s a selection of my favourite reviews of my books. Click on the link to read more about the book and find out how to purchase.

Reviews of “How I Survived my First Year of Full-Time Self-Employment

“I have found this book very inspiring. Not only is it motivating and confidence-building (it shows that you can be successful even if you don’t see yourself as a traditional ‘entrepreneur’), but it includes lots practical ideas and strategies based on real experience and common sense – from how to manage too much (and too little) work, to how to set realistic targets and track progress so you know when you’re ready to take the next step.” (Laura Ripper, Amazon)

“It gives the reader a realistic picture of just how much hard work is involved and what to expect if they decide to become self-employed, but it is all presented in a very positive and `can-do’ way … This book is a must-have purchase for anyone considering any form of self-employment.” (Clare Black, Amazon)

“If you’re thinking about making the break from a standard nine-to-five job and moving on to a business venture of your own, but have no prior experience of marketing and networking as a self-employed professional, do yourself a favour and invest in Broomfield’s book. That way you can prepare yourself for the challenges, avoid the pitfalls, exploit the resources she shares, and make some sound choices BEFORE you embark on the journey … and all for less than a couple of quid!” (Louise Harnby, Amazon)

“… her story has awaken the entrepreneur spirit in me. I also love her writing style, it is quite engaging and the diarised account is very different but fun to read. I recommend this book to anybody thinking of going down the self-employment route. This refreshing book will inspire you to take that planned leap of faith.”(Stella, Amazon)

“The book is written in such a friendly tone that it almost feels as if you’re having a chat with a friend in a coffee house! The resources explored within the book are also extremely useful. I certainly gained a few ideas for my own business.” (Sophie Playle, Amazon)

“This is an enormously useful book instead of one full of silly buzz words – this is a book offering practical solutions for someone setting up a small business from home.” (Ali Hope, Smashwords)

This one makes me giggle: “I would have preferred a slightly punchier style with more bullet points and less about what cardigans the authors likes to wear etc, but that’s just me! It was at least a refreshing change from some of the brasher business books.” (Mr Morrison, Amazon)

Reviews of “Running a Successful Business after the Start-up Phase

I love how the people who bought this book bought the first one, too!

“I found the first one really helpful, and this was equally so. It’s written in a friendly tone, without pretending to impart any secrets or ways to get rich quick – it simply provides practical ideas and examples of steps the reader can take to develop a small business. It looks at the detail of taking those steps in practice, not just in terms of adding them to a strategy, which I found very helpful as it’s one thing to create a strategy but another to start acting on it! It also has a really useful section on how to make the most of the various social media options out there. I’ll definitely keep dipping in to this book, as there’s lots that will be useful to come back to. Very pleased with it and would definitely recommend it to others who are freelancers or run small businesses.” (Laura Ripper, Amazon)

“There are a lot of books out there for the start-up business, but not many that deal with the next phase. This book takes a refreshing, light look at aspects to consider when you’re out of that scary beginning stage and what to do next. Written in a friendly and accessible style and with plenty of excellent advice, I would recommend this book as a great place to start thinking about how to become a successful and established business.” (Sophie Playle, Amazon)

“Liz has worked her way through that early period of starting a business and the challenges that self employment brings. She is therefore writing from experience and I believe that you will always learn more from people like Liz … This book is certainly for anyone who has started a business or indeed I would be happy to recommend it if you are considering starting out. The book covers many aspects of business including advertising, social media, blogging, pricing, return on investment, different ways of finding customers and much more.” (Roland Millward, full review here, and see the Amazon review page here)

Reviews of “Your Guide to Starting and Building your Business” (the omnibus edition of the above two books)

“I read this because I happened to be starting an editing and proofreading business, something similar to what Liz herself operates. But the advice given here can readily be applied to any business. The advice is solid, practical, and down-to-earth. The pitfalls and struggles are articulated, not simply the ‘successes’ that came her way, giving the vibe of being introduced into the real-world of small business startup.” (Paul Walker, Amazon)

Reviews of “Quick Guide to your Career in Transcription

“This is a really useful book if you are considering including any form of transcribing in your remit. It’s a great introduction to the terminology and the software you will need to begin, and it includes some very useful tips indeed.” (Oxonmoron, Amazon)

“The book covers the process of transcription from receiving the initial tape, or .mp3 to submitting the finished product, with plenty of useful tips on the way. For me though there was one glaring omission – the lack of any reference to the importance of the keyboard you are using and its impact both on your potential typing speed and the possibility of RSI. Choice of keyboard is particularly important for those doing a lot of transcription work as Liz can no doubt testify.
I emailed her and pointed this out and as a result she has changed the book to add a short section to cover RSI, ergonomics and keyboards. An excellent response which is certainly something I didn’t expect.
Useful, practical, not expensive for what is being offered together with a responsive author. Without the section on ergonomics I would have given this four stars but since Liz has added this very helpful section it has to be five stars.” (Tacitus, Amazon)

Reviews of “Quick Guide to Networking, Social Media and Social Capital

“I particularly like the summing up section, where Liz advises “Be kind.” If everyone online followed this advice, the world would be a fantastic place! A useful little book for the newbie social networker.” (Joanna Penn, Goodreads)

“Liz has a lovely clarity of style that works especially well for conveying information in an accessible way. I would recommend this guide for anyone who wishes to use social media for a small business or a voluntary organisation such as a drama or Scout group.” (Linda Bates, Smashwords and Amazon)

Reviews of “How I Conquered High Cholesterol

“An extremely well written and informative eBook offering an insight into how people wanting to lower their cholesterol naturally can help to achieve their aims. Written in an amusing way and providing many tips with relation to which foods are helpful and which are not.” (Berni, Amazon)

“Great little book that helped me to research how I can tackle high cholesterol. Any easy read and would highly recommend” (Ally, Amazon)

“Good quick read with useful tips.A useful way to help your body do its own work but ensures you follow things through with the doc.” (Mr D.J. Edwards, Amazon)

“This book has succeeded in getting my mum not only to have the cholesterol check she’s been putting off for 4 months, but also in alerting both of us to the dangers of foods we considered ‘safe’ (oatcakes, who knew?!) The engaging, non-preachy tone and concise style has played a huge part in causing Liz Broomfield’s book to succeed where I and GPs have failed. A huge amount of information is imparted here but in an interesting and memorable way. The tips about suitable restaurants and dishes are invaluable for those watching their cholesterol and also for vegetarians and vegans (like me) who may struggle to find healthy alternatives. Highly recommended.” (Pwoolhat, Amazon)

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