Calling all indie authors …

What are the three top things you did that demonstrably increased your book sales (whether that’s from 1 a week to 1 a day or 10,000 a month to 10,000 a week)? I’ll be sharing mine on a post here soon; if you add a comment or send me a note via my contact form, I’ll share the most useful (with a link to your website) when I write about mine.

I’m looking forward to hearing what worked for you!

Edited to add: the article is here!

3 thoughts on “Calling all indie authors …

  1. Hey Liz, great question. I hope it is O.K if I share a friend’s tip: it is a Twitter hack. He found that if he followed ~100 people on Twitter per day, many of them would look at his profile when they were notified he jad followed them. They’d see that he had a free book on his website, and click on the link. On the strength of the free first book, he sold more copies of his following book.

    The primary traffic boost came from the follow -> notify -> inspect -> follow back interaction.


  2. […] A little while ago, I promised to share what has helped me to up my book sales. I’m hoping that sharing my experience will help other authors to get some ideas, and also that you might share ideas that have worked for you in the comments. A couple of people did comment on the original post and other explorations I undertook via LinkedIn, etc., and I’m sharing their input below. […]


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