My twelfth five-star review for “How I Conquered High Cholesterol”

How I conquered high cholesterolMy book on how I reduced my cholesterol is going strong, having just gained its twelfth 5-star review. Even though all of my other books are on business, I’m fond of this one, which started my publishing “empire” and is helping people every day, which makes me very happy. No longer do people come out of the doctor’s with a 1-page sheet and nowhere to go (well, actually Heart UK do provide some very good leaflets); they can read this book full of practical tips and hints and see exactly how I dealt with my high cholesterol.

In further exciting news, I was recently interviewed for a piece in a health magazine, on this very topic. Hopefully the article will be published in November, and hopefully they’ll be able to mention the book, too (I get a bit embarrassed if it’s all about ME, but I like to help people towards a source of information: once a librarian, always a librarian …

Read more about How I Conquered High Cholesterol, including where to buy, here.

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