First reviews are in for “Quick Guide to Networking, Social Media and Social Capital”

My new book, “Quick Guide to Networking, Social Media and Social Capital”, is out now and available on Amazon and Smashwords as an e-book (find all the links on the book’s page on this website).

Quick guide to networking, social media and social capital

And the first reviews are in!

Joanna Penn of the well-known The Creative Penn website and brand, and also an inveterate social media networker and entrepreneurial guru, kindly reviewed the book on Goodreads. Here’s an extract of what she had to say:

… This book will help you to understand the more detailed nuance of social media, with tips on how to use the technical side of Twitter, Facebook, G+ and LinkedIn, as well as how to be generous on the networks and work for mutual benefit with your connections. There’s also a section on the psychology of networking for introverts, which is helpful as many people feel their personality holds them back online.

I particularly like the summing up section, where Liz advises “Be kind.” If everyone online followed this advice, the world would be a fantastic place! A useful little book for the newbie social networker. (Read the full review here)

Linda Bates was one of the first to read this book, and she posted her review on Amazon and Smashwords. It included these words:

Liz has a lovely clarity of style that works especially well for conveying information in an accessible way. I would recommend this guide for anyone who wishes to use social media for a small business or a voluntary organisation such as a drama or Scout group. (Read the full review here)

Linda even sent me a photo of the book on her Kindle – it’s great to see how well the cover comes out in black and white!

Networking , social Media and social capital on kindle

I’m so pleased to receive these lovely reviews, and it’s particularly nice to know that these readers have got what I was trying to do – help people, and explain the etiquette of networking face-to-face and via online resources. I don’t specifically state that I’m writing for introverts, but the advice I give does pay attention to those people who do not naturally claim the centre of attention and need to choose their events wisely to avoid exhaustion, and Linda makes a very good point about the wider application of the tips and hints (other feedback has pointed out that it’s good for fundraisers, too).

It’s great to see my new little book out in the world and getting talked about, and I hope it helps a lot of people as it makes its way out through the circles and networks!


Find out more about “Quick Guide to Networking, Social Media and Social Capital” here. Read about my other books here.

4 thoughts on “First reviews are in for “Quick Guide to Networking, Social Media and Social Capital”

  1. I like the sound of this book. I will definitely get one of these to read this month.
    I think you might enjoy a recent book from Jason Treu called Social Wealth.
    By far the best thing I have ever read on networking and social interactions.


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