Three lovely new book reviews!

I’ve been seeing a drop in my book sales recently; whether that’s to do with the Amazon boycott or people not wanting to start new businesses in December, I’m not sure. But I was mightily cheered by these three recent reviews for my books!

Your guide to starting and building your businessFirst off, a lovely note about my Omnibus edition of my two business books – which I created to give the best value I could, as it’s a lower price than the two bought separately.

Wise advice. … The book is packed with calm, realistic advice drawn from Liz Broomfield’s own experience as someone who isn’t a high-flying, entrepreneur, but has built herself a sustainable and successful business … She makes no empty promises, but delivers sense and practicality on every page. (Read the full review here)

quick guide to your career in transcription

Secondly, this just in on my Quick Guide to your Career in Transcription:

Excellent, accessible guide. Really useful, pithy, no nonsense guide … I will definitely use Liz Broomfield’s advice and I’m sure I’ll regularly dip into this ebook for her useful tips. (Read the full review here)

I’m so pleased that this one is continuing to help people with new careers.

Quick guide to networking, social media and social capital

And last but not least, the third review for my newest book, Quick Guide to Networking, Social Media and Social Capital:

A useful and well-written guide to social media. … The information is explained very clearly so as to be easy for even a newcomer to internet social networking to use, yet the guide is detailed enough for those more experienced in social media to also learn something from. It is well worth picking up … (Read the full review here)

How lovely! As ever, I’m so glad I’m helping people – that’s why I got into writing books in the first place! And it’s encouraged me to push on with my next writing project, a version of the omnibus just for editors and proofreaders, and a self-mentoring guide for anyone who is setting up or running a small business!

Find out more about Your Guide to Starting and Building your Business, Quick Guide to your Career in Transcription and Quick Guide to Networking, Social Media and Social Capital including where and how to buy by following the links.

4 thoughts on “Three lovely new book reviews!

  1. Congrats, Liz on your reviews! I see how you’re featuring ‘outtakes’ of the articles and referring them back to the original site. Haven’t got to mine, but will do as soon as I can!


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