And this is why I’m glad I put my email address in the back of my books …

quick guide to your career in transcriptionI had an email enquiry in the week from someone who had read “Quick Guide to your Career in Transcription” but wanted to ask for a little more detail on a couple of points (one of which was more about general business stuff, one of which was about how to check your typing speed). I was very happy to hear from her, as I’d always much rather be able to fill in any gaps myself and have a happy customer.

I did mention in my reply that it would be great if she could pop over and add a review for my book on Amazon – and she did!

Great easy to read product – It was very informative. [I] emailed the author with questions to which she responded promptly. I would highly recommend it … (read the whole review here)

So if you’ve written a book and you’re wondering whether to include contact details, I think it’s a good idea. And if you’re considering emailing an author, I’d say do it – we always like to hear from our readers (even constructive criticism, as happened with one of the reviews on this very book) and I always like to take the opportunity to help someone.

For more information on this book (with its 11 five-star reviews!) and how to buy, visit the “Quick Guide to your Career in Transcription” page.

2 thoughts on “And this is why I’m glad I put my email address in the back of my books …

  1. Hello Liz! Caitlin Hicks here.

    I’ve launched my A THEORY OF EXPANDED LOVE .. and it’s now BEST FICTION PICK on iBooks (!!!)

    But I wanted to buy your book on cholesterol now. Only .. you don’t have paperback? Can I copy from a pdf? As I really need to read the thing in my hands.


    • Oh well done! And the Cholesterol book is available in paperback from Amazon in all countries now, you should be able to find it if you search for Liz Broomfield Cholesterol in Amazon. Let me know if you have any problems with that.


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