Better news in “How I Conquered High Cholesterol” reviews

How I conquered high cholesterolI was a bit down after finding the extremely negative and misguided review on Amazon for this book, but felt better after I’d written it all down. I then had a lovely comment on that post, lots of views of the post and likes on social media, and made a couple of print and e-book sales, which cheered me up. Best of all, a five-star review (and not from someone I know just being kind, which I thought might happen) appeared on the book, pushing the mean one off the Most Recent spot and keeping my average score up. Hooray!

Great, informative read! nurse has been pushing me to take statins, reluctant to do so, now I know I made the right decision after reading this book!!! (read the full review here)

Oh, and I did get a reply to my comment on That Other Review which started to talk about the regime not being suitable for diabetics or people with an intolerance to oil – I never claimed it was, and that made me think the review was more about finding something to be negative about than true disappointment and concern, so that’s good, too.

So, all good, and thank you to the people who took the time to read my last post, comment and bolster my spirits!

And this autumn I AM going to finish writing my version of my business books for editors / proofreaders and publish my self-mentoring guide as an offshoot of that, so watch this space (might even do a newsletter again soon).

Cholesterol book details are here.

6 thoughts on “Better news in “How I Conquered High Cholesterol” reviews

  1. This might not be the right place for it, but could you do a post on the difference between turn-over, net sales, gross sales etc. -the sort of terms that get used on Dragon’s Den and I think I know but I’m not sure I do!

    There must have been one here
    but it has gone!

    This Canadian one added more terms, but maybe we don’t use them here?

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  2. PS I’m glad you got that bad review knocked off the top place. I’m eating lots of oats thanks to you and it seems to be doing the trick in keeping the cholesterol from getting too high!


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