A lovely Canadian review for “Quick Guide to your Career in Transcription”

quick guide to your career in transcriptionI received a message from a very nice woman who had read a few of my books and wanted to ask a few more questions about transcription careers. I noted that she was in Canada and checked Amazon Canada to see if she’d reviewed any of them (I wish I got automatically notified of new reviews – if you know how to do this, please let me know!) and found this lovely review for my “Quick Guide to your Career in Transcription”:

Marvelous book filled with very helpful information … I’m so glad I came across this book. (Read the whole review here)

I was particularly pleased to receive this after a rather horrid and misleading review on my Cholesterol book which I’m not going to dwell on, but was quite upsetting when lots of people are going to be looking at that book after spotting it in the magazine. If you have read and not reviewed that one, well, I’m hoping some new reviews will push the one-star one down the list of recent reviews a bit.

Anyway, I’m really pleased to have my Canadian review! If you’re in Canada and want to have a look at my books on Amazon, they’re listed here.

A quick note while I’m here – Amazon have put up my UK and EU e-book prices a little  bit, to take account of the VAT increase imposed by the UK and EU governments but affecting us small sellers and buyers more than the big guys it was aimed at (search for VATMOSS or VATMESS for more info). I’ve left the changes as they are for the time being, to see how things settle – it’s only added about 10p to the cost of my most expensive books, so hopefully that won’t be too much of a burden.

Want to read this book? Have a look here for info and links to Amazon, Smashwords, etc., where you can buy.

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