Great new book reviews – hooray!

My book sales have returned to normal after a dip in December – I can only put this down to people avoiding Amazon (there was a lot of talk about people boycotting the company for Christmas) and possibly some stuff around their new e-book arrangements. Then there was the fear over the VATMOSS issue – I’m happy to say that my prices have only ended up going up by about 15p for the higher-priced ones and I’ve left them there for the time being. I won’t see any of that extra money – it goes straight to the government in the form of VAT paid by Amazon (I hope!).

Anyway, I’ve been mightily cheered by two lovely reviews for my books …

How I survived my first year of full-time self-employmentThis review of How I Survived my First Year of Full-Time Self-Employment (was it really three years ago that I spent my January working hard once I’d got through my jury service?) was posted on 11 January …

Great break-down guide! … Liz’s tone is one you can relate to as it is approachable and warm. There are no gimmicks to this book; it delivers what it says … (see the whole review here)

It’s so lovely when someone really gets what you’re trying to do and picks up the aims of your book, so even though this review is short, it was very valuable and cheering to read. That’s my 24th four- or five-star review on Amazon UK for this book!

Find out more about this book here.

quick guide to your career in transcriptionAnd this longer review appeared over the weekend for Quick Guide to your Career in Transcription. I’m so pleased when I hear that I inspire people – it’s what I write my website and these books for. So, thank you, all of my lovely reviewers!

The most helpful book for anyone wanting to get into transcription I have just finished reading your book Liz and am completely inspired … Your tips were invaluable … Your encouragement is truly inspirational. (read the whole review here)

Find out more about this book here.

Anyone who writes books will tell you that reviews (good ones, or helpful ones, anyway) really make their day. Making that connection, knowing you’ve entertained, inspired or helped someone – priceless!

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