You’ve started your business … what (do you read) next?

Running a successful business after the start-up phaseI received a delightful email from a reader this morning – it really made my day. They told me how they’d been inspired by my first business book (How I Survived my First Year of Full-Time Self-Employment) and had set up their business, and were now looking forward to my upcoming book on self-mentoring for businesspeople. However, they seemed to have missed the fact that I have also written a book specifically for people who have already set up their business, but want to look at the next stages.

Running a Successful Business after the Start-up Phase covers just these issues. It drills down into using social media and blogging to support and grow your business, but also talks about getting the balance right, increasing your income by getting the right mix of clients, deciding who to work with (once you have the luxury of not having to scramble for Every. Single. Job.) and how to say no (again, once you have the luxury of doing so – although sometimes you just HAVE to say no).

I originally gave this book the title “Who are you Calling Mature?” but feedback suggested the title implied the book was about growing old disgracefully! So I swapped the main and sub-titles round, and re-issued it, but it’s never quite had the success of my other books.

I don’t know if this is because more people start businesses than continue them, or if it’s because people know there are start-up books out there but didn’t realise there are other books on growing and developing your business (I can see that there are fewer of the latter, but I was looking for that information, just like I was looking for information on starting up a business, which is why I blogged about a few of the topics, then wrote the book).

You can also pick up both books together in my Omnibus: Your Guide to Starting and Running your Business, because both of them are useful for new businesspeople, and I want to offer as good value as I can, so there’s a saving on the price of the two books separately.

And now I’m saying it loud and clear: here’s a resource for you if you’ve set up your business, got the basics going, but you want to refine your customer base, get more profitable, get your life back and learn when to say yes and when to say no!

If you have read this book, do let me know what you thought about it, how I could improve the description on Amazon and Smashwords and whether you’ve been inspired to write a review!

Find out more about Running a Successful Business after the Start-up Phase.

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